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Professionally Trained Armed Security Services in California

Nowadays we are living in some of the most dangerous times in the history of the world. Crime rates are rising day by day and the sense of security that we once took granted for is slowly but surely escaping us. Which such troubled times professionally trained security guard...

How Can Security Guards Help You and Your Business During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

The Coronavirus pandemic does not show any signs of slowing down. The number of COVID-19 cases is on the rise. The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention has produced models to show that if no action were to be taken to slow the spread, the global impact would be...

Essential Activities Unarmed Security Guards Can Perform For You…

It doesn’t matter where we are today, be it corporate buildings, malls, hospitals and community places, Armed and Unarmed Security Guards protecting the premises are considered to be an important barrier to all possible threats.  They have no idea of what risks and...

Duties of an Armed Security Officer

In this era of increased crime rates in society, there should always be someone taking care of our security. How do you feel when you are home alone and your parents aren’t around to keep you safe mentally, physically and emotionally? It is a hard decision to hire Security...

Roles and Responsibilities of Fire Watch Services

Fire watch services focus on reducing risk, loss, safety and reporting any fire incidents on the premises. A fire watch guard service is established by a patrol or person responsible for checking on buildings or premises for extreme fire hazard situations. Businesses usually...

Enhanced Event Protection with Security Guard Services

Criminals are often on the lookout for events, parties, festival celebrations, etc. where a lot of people gather and they can easily plunder. Shopping malls, hotels, resorts, and parks are the most crowded hubs as people gather daily for many reasons. These areas are more prone...

Which Type of Businesses need Armed Security Services?

Upgrading security measures at your corporate or commercial facility can be a good choice to consider. The main role of Armed Security Guards is to observe and then act on probable cases and threats of crimes, as per local law enforcements is applicable. However, what they can...

Skills To Look For While Hiring Hotel Security Guard Services

Extending hotel security services is not a rookie’s job, it requires high levels of training and years of professionalism to identify potential threats and control situations. Hotel security guards in Los Angeles carry a huge responsibility on their shoulders. 

Home Security or Patrol Services, Which is Better?

Just imagine locking up and leaving your home for Christmas to meet up with your extended family in the far suburbs. What if you have implemented every type of security measure, from alarm systems to the Internet of Things (IoT) technology around your home, but a burglar still...

Patrol Services – Providing Security to Our Communities

When it comes to selecting a place to live, we go to extreme lengths by hiring more than one real estate agent, surveying over 5-10 neighborhoods before settling on one. Most people have security at the top of their list of priorities as opposed to beauty and neighbors. However,...